Our Style



Novelty Ninjas, Ltd was established in Denver, Colorado and founded “Novelty Ninjas" to provide the essentials of compression and novelty streetwear.  Now, we continue to expand our business worldwide with a full catalogue of the best clothing and accessories we can find.


Situated in Denver, the most forward and fresh region of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  The Street Nation strives to introduce street fashion and culture to the world.



Novelty Ninjas™ appeals to counter culture crusaders, from the neighborhood kids, to the hip-hop heads and punks who care most about authenticity and discovering the drip.



Novelty Ninjas only shares bold designs for the worlds of fashion enthusiasts.  Items are selected for their superior design, imagery, and range of bold, unorthodox graphics.  From t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets to belts and bags.  We scour the world for the latest in street steeze.


We are proud to provide a 100% satisfaction, and guarantee support worthy of your high status as our customer.