FAQ & Shipping

Most Frequently Asked Questions Revealed:

The bottom line, we exist for those who care about fitness and staying motivated.  We know what it's like to be on the other end, as the athlete and customer.  We will make every reasonable effort to make you happy.

1. When can I expect my package to arrive?

A: We ship anywhere in the world and not all of our merchandise ship from the same warehouse. It may take anywhere from 10 - 40 days depending on how remote of an area you are shipping to. The customs and import process in your country is also a factor. Below are the most typical time frames for your region. 

USA: Between 10 - 30 days (typically within 2 weeks)

All Others: Between 20 - 50 

2. When can I expect tracking information? I didn't receive any notification emails of an order confirmation or tracking, where can I get that?

A: You can reply to the order confirmation e-mail or check your tracking number here, https://noveltyninjas.com/apps/trackorder

Shipping questions can be directed to ninjas@noveltyninjas.com

3. What if a product is not the right size?

A: Received a product and it's not the right size? Just reach out to us and we can take care of you. All you have to do is send it to our return address. No refunds. Email us if you need an exchange for size. 


4. Are your models ninjas?

A: Yes.