Boxing Head Band

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The ball is connection to the intro of an elastic band.
Wide range of applications for combat and fighting sports: boxing, combat, mixed martial arts.
Durable fastidiously request for designation, technology and materials
It is a great training workout tool for many muscle groups.

1. Take the length of the elastic rope to match arm length, and then tied to the headband D word ring.
2. When you begin to practice, try to hit the bottom gently to get hitting skills. Suggest new starters to wear boxing gloves.
3. After you are familiar with hitting, you can try more boxing footwork, like side flash
4. Please keep chin tucked in and forehead forward at any time to stay in a good fighting posture.

Ball diameter:63MM
Elastic band width:30MM
Elastic rope total length is 4 meters
Color:yellow ball/red ball
Material: rubber liner + chemical fiber needle hair / Urethane foam

Size: 16*5.5cm (Elastic)

1 x Head Band Boxing Ball

***Not for use with children.